Focus on providing customers with better products

Company Profile

Ming-Shen was established in Dec. 2012, Ming-Shen specializes in sales and service of semiconductor electronic components manufactured more by more than international manufacturers around the ASIA ,like ACE、AIC、ENE、ESPRESSIF…brand,The key market is focus on PC、Medical、IOT..until a popular Gaming RGB/ARGB of product, Ming-Shen is best partner for OEM purchasing, we are know the pricing and L/T is important for OEM market, so we provide the long-term save stocks service to you.

Ming-Shen have a strong professional management team, the experience and quality of professional managers are among the forefront in the electronic market. In addition, the technical team composed of professional application engineers and R & D engineers is the guarantee of professional and technical support, provide technical support, professional services and integrated solutions for customers, in order to create higher added value.

In order to provide service to clients operating in the Asia Pacific region, Ming-Shen had also established distribution centers in Taipei and Asia Pacific, Ming-Shen will continue its quest to improve service quality and to provide our clients “A+ Service” and also to provide services wherever clients are.

We focus on staff pre-service training, as well as regular courses in order to facilitate their professional knowledge, the operating principles is staff unity and cohesion , Ming-Shen group can be growing fast together and sustainable.


The best is our only quality

Ming-Shen Technology has always insisted on the outstanding quality, professional consult and the service of bona fides; with these, we have provided our clients with very different experience. We know that we have to be extraordinary to be established in this competitive electronic industry.
We might not be the biggest franchiser, but we are a team that dare to challenges with enthusiasm and prioritize responsibility. Our motto is “The best is our only quality.”
It is our responsibility to satisfy your requirement. We also expect us to become a more competitive franchiser.